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TG-250 no. 181 - Jazzy Lady

I aimed this one toward the jazz player early on by going with smaller frets than usual. The Seymour Duncan SH-2 "Jazz" neck humbucker with flatwound strings complete the picture.

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TG-250 no. 188

I can only imagine the stages this guitar is bound to be playing on in its lifetime. All the owner has to do is practice, practice, practice.

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TG-250 no. 070 - The S.S.S. Wenge

This ones got to hold the record for the longest in-production guitar in my shop. It began as a custom order that was abandoned more than a decade ago. (I guess that makes it available)

African Wenge from top to bottom on the front. There is a lot of tone to work with here. 

Wenge Twang Here

Unmatched Pair

Book-matched Birdseye Maple Cap, Semi-hollow Body, Seymour Duncan SH-2 "Jazz" (N) and SH-4 "JB" (Br)

TG-250 no. 201: Birdseye Maple Top

This piece will pull it's weight just sitting on a stand by the fireplace. But don't worry, it plays like butter.

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TG-250 no. 202: the Twin

202 and 201 spent many cold winters together. They're from the same board of beautifully figured birdseye maple. 

As many similarities that they share, they have very different personalities. No. 202 has a shorter (24 3/4") scale and is geared a little more toward rocker with slightly hotter pickups.

Because of these differences, I've always imagined these two guitars going to the same player. One for the pretty stuff and one for the gritty stuff.

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Available TG-521 Models

TG-521 no.2 Rosewood Setneck

I designed and began building the first TG-521 on May 21, 2015. I didn't have a shape in mind at first, but I wanted to extend the top horn further than usual to move the center of gravity back a bit. 

That was so successful that I've been lengthening the scales ever since. 

But no.2 shares the original 24 3/4 inch scale.

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TG-521 No.3 Walnut Setneck

I moved up to a 25 1/2 inch scale for no.3, since the balance was so positive with the shorter scale. The cap and back are both repurposed from very old cabinet doors, pretty sure it's English Walnut with a fine curl throughout. 

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TG-521 "Cotton Candy"

We got yer Texas Special here.

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TG-250 no. 137 Myrtlewood

Myrtlewood is one of my favorite guitar woods - both tonally and visually. I would even go so far as to compare it to Koa, certainly in beauty, though the Myrtlewood has a somewhat darker tone.

Myrtlewood grows along the west coast of the United States, starting as far south as my shop in Southern California, but growing much bigger the closer you get to Oregon. I first saw it on Moonstone Guitars and more recently on high end Breedlove acoustic instruments.

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Shorty Joe no.12

When we were kids, nobody knew why my brother George played circles around everyone else. Not only his speed, but his  string bending was insane and his vibrato was out of this world. 

It turns out he was playing a little 22 1/2 inch scale Duo Sonic while us others were rastling with full size models

. And those days were my inspiration for coming up with Shorty Joe and his slightly longer - but still petite 23 1/4" scale.

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TG-250 no. 176 Birdseye Maple

I've made more TG-250s than any other model, so far. I've taken them in every direction in terms of hardware. But, as a player, I find the double humbucker with coil splitting gives me the widest range of sounds.

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TG-100 no. 142

Myrtlewood Semi-hollow Setneck

If you've followed my progress through the years, you know of my shameless love affair with Myrtlewood. I talk about it like it's Koa, fer cryin' out loud!

No.142 is a fine example of both the wood, and of where I like to take this model. Both humbuckers can be split for jangle and twang, or set to roar.

Make it a Pair!

While I still have them both, you might consider buying no.137 and 142. Being from the same board, they've been together a long time. It'd be nice if they could grow old together.

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TG-521 no.6 Baritone


Looking for weak spots in your rafters? We can help!

And not only that! A 27 1/2 inch scale tuned down to B will dislodge rodents beyond earshot. 

Beautiful 80 year old Lauro Preto Rosewood cap and headstock, Curly Maple back...

Good fer what ails ya!

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