Handmade Bezels

Born of Necessity

 I've been making my own bezels since no.001. 

It didn't dawn on me until the day I was ready to install the pickups that I didn't have any pickup rings (I didn't even know the term bezel yet). 

 My choices were either to send away for them and wait 2 to 6 weeks, drive 30 miles into town and back, or make my own.

 Admittedly, my first few were pretty crude. But I eventually acquired an overarm pin router that lets me work small pieces like these.

Humbuckers, Single Coil and Tele Neck

The setup for bezels is fairly extensive, so I make as many as I can while I'm at it. I always make more than I need, so I've begun offering them to other builders and tinkerers. 

Control Plates for "T-Style" Guitars

 It seemed like right when I started making these control plates, everybody and his brother started cranking them out on their CNC machines. So I've never even advertised them. But, if you would rather have the mojo of handmade parts on your handmade guitar, get in touch with me.

 You're welcome to send me your own wood to match (or contrast) your body. 

 Write and I'll tell you the minimum sizes I'd need for bezels or switch plates.

Attention Builders

I haven't decided how to sell these little items, yet. So, for now, just contact me below, tell me what you're looking for, and I'll let you know what I can do for you.

What Say You?

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