Available: TG-100 no. 142 Myrtlewood

Myrtlewood Top and Back

This was some of the nicest Myrtlewood I've ever come across. The board was bisected with sapwood on one side, and heartwood on the other. Re-sawed it and joined the sapwood edge. Very strong curl on the top, less so on the back.

The semi-hollow center section is Alder, which is light weight and has great tone.

The Indian Rosewood fretboard is particularly even in grain. It was made by Randy Allen up in Auburn, Ca. 24 3/4 inch scale, 12 inch radius, 22 jumbo frets.

The neck is laminated curly rock maple and California walnut and is glued into the body all the way to the back of the neck pickup cavity - good and strong, with a comfortably sculpted heel.

Pickups and Wiring

I've been a fan of Seymour Duncan pickups for a long time. And, as my OEM, I'm welcome to use everything they make. But I really like the SH-1 "'59" in the neck, and the SH-4 "JB" back at the bridge. They allow me to play as clean as I like, and still be able to break them up when needed. 

Still, let me know if you'd like me to change them out for something else.

I go back and forth on the issue of mini-toggles vs. push-pull switches. I don't like to clutter the top with switches, but push-pulls often break my concentration to operate.

The happy compromise are Push/Push switches, which I can operate on the fly as easily as mini-toggles.

Moot point. I went with mini-toggles on this one. They individually split each humbucker.

A Beautiful Pair

As of this writing, I have nos. 137 and 142 available. I started them at the same time. Their tops are from the same board, and the backs are both from another board - from another Myrtle tree (aka Bay Laurel, Pepperwood), which only grows on the West Coast, mostly in Oregon.

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