TG-521 no.6 Baritone

The Low-Down

I am here to tell you, friends, that this is one serious instrument we've got here. 27 1/2 inches of gutteral moan. Play this guitar and you'll know what it feels like to be ten feet tall. 

A player isn't likely to play the baritone for the whole gig, but it makes a big impression on the numbers you'll use it on.

An eighth inch thick book-matched Lauro Preto Rosewood veneer cap sits on a bed of 3/8" Black Walnut, then more Rosewood. 

Under that is a 1 inch thick semi-hollow Alder core, backed with book-matched curly Maple.

That's a helluva sandwich!

Then there's the incredible Birdseye Maple fretboard (with Padauk dots), 22 jumbo frets, bone nut and 2-way adjustable trussrod.

At 27 1/2 inches, it's scale is about two frets longer than a Les Paul, but it is tuned five frets lower, to B. 

This is one of the shorter baritones, you'll find, and it doesn't feel too much different than a regular guitar, but it has so much power. A customer with my TG-250 baritone says it's like playing a small piano.

Baritone Boogie

This was recorded with a 27 1/2 inch baritone version of my TG-250, but you'll get an idea of the power and richness of a longer scale guitar.

All three solos were done with the baritone, with backing from the Shorty Joe Bass and my "grab 'n go" TG-250 no.158.

Again, grab your axe and play along in B.