TG-250 no.201

Birdseye Maple Top

I've got this guitar right next to me while I write this description. It keeps whispering to me to play it, but I'm being good. I don't let myself play these new ones much. Just enough to dial 'em in, which I haven't even done on this one, yet. And it plays quite nicely already. 

Nos. 201 and 202 have many thing in common: consecutive birdseye maple tops and curly maple backs from the same boards, 2 f-holes, the same hardware and switching schemes... But they have very different characters. 

No. 202 was aimed more toward rock and roll with its shorter Gibson scale (24 3/4") and hotter pickups. While this one has the 25 1/2 inch Fender scale and slightly cooler pickups. 

With maple, you can expect a bright tone to begin with, so I take measures from the start to keep the brightness manageable. Such as using softer woods underneath the top and on the back, and by inching the bridge pickup forward. And the Seymour Duncan SH-2 "Jazz" neck humbucker works a very special magic on  maple. 

Of little note, these are my very first shop-made knobs. Kind of plain, but on closer look, they are covered with old-growth birdseyes. Of course, I've always made my own bezels, cover plates, trussrod covers and necks (fretboards as of 2008).

I can imagine playing this guitar at any gig I'm capable of playing. Rock, blues and country. Jazzers might not go for the larger frets, though. 

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