Welcome to the new Till Guitars.com

This one is way nicer. Much easier to get around on. And I promise (to try) to keep it more up to date. 

A lot has gone on since the last time I did. In the last couple of years I've introduced a few new models, made a few baritones, and I've just added electric mandolins to the Till Guitars line.

Please enjoy your look around. And be sure to stop back as I add more of my handmade guitars to the site.

Curly Black Walnut with Birdseye Maple Fretboard

Private Stock

I build guitars whether I have orders or not. I call these my "private stock", where I build them however I see fit. Even then, you can still have me customize them to some degree... different pickups, switching options, hardware choices, etc.


If you were to walk into my shop, you'd see dozens of guitars in various stages of completion. If someone hasn't already called dibs, you'd be welcome to. You could make any remaining decisions. The earlier you catch me, the more choices you'd have... how many and what kind of pickups, whammy or hardtail, bolt-on or setneck... 

Full Custom

It's not a hard, fast rule. But, I like for a customer to already have enjoyed playing my guitars before I'll make them a full custom guitar. By that, I mean totally from scratch. Don't ask how I've come to this conclusion, but it's for the best.

It's even better when you're from nearby, so you can sign off on certain steps along the way.

Once we get to know each other, there's no limit to what we can come up with.


Joe Till Guitars

(818) 889-5130