Welcome to the new Till Guitars.com

I've got a particularly nice bunch of guitars heading into the holiday season, all of them great players. And all of them handmade from start to finish... No Robots!

I have a wide variety of scale lengths available, too, from 3/4 size to a 28 5/8 inch baritone. I also have a 30 inch bass and a 14 inch mandolin ready, too.

Please, take a look around and let me know what you think. 

Where there's a Till, there's a way.

Private Stock

Highly Figured Myrtlewood  Carved Tops.

"Private Stock" guitars are pieces that I build first, then offer for sale when it's complete. They're usually a little more experimental than my custom orders, especially in the woods I choose. 

See My Available "Private Stock" Here


If you were to walk into my shop, you'd see a dozen or more guitars in various stages of completion. Unless they're custom orders, you'd be welcome to call dibs on any one of them and you could make any of the remaining decisions.

The earlier you step in, the more choices you have.

See What's In The Pipeline

Full Custom

Custom orders are a funny thing. It mostly comes down to good communication. I'm hesitant to build guitars for total strangers, anymore. 

A few emails and phone calls can ease my worries, but there's nothing like face to face communication. Next best is when you've actually owned or played one of my guitars before. There are differences between handmade and factory made guitars that can be hard to describe, especially in a world that is knee deep in cheap imports.

One-Offs and Weirdos


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