Built to Inspire

TG-250 "Lady on the Beach"

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22 years and still No Robots!

Private Stock

"Private Stock" guitars are pieces that I build without custom orders. I build each guitar from scratch, by hand, with materials of my own choosing. 

I'm generally more experimental with my private stock pieces, using weird woods and trying new things.


If you were to walk into my shop, you'd see dozens of guitars in various stages of completion. Unless they're custom orders, you'd be welcome to call dibs on any one of them and you could make any of the remaining decisions.

The earlier you step in, the more choices you have.

Full Custom

Custom orders are a funny thing. It mostly comes down to good communication. And the best communication is face to face. 

It's a real plus when the person has played my guitars before.


Joe Till Guitars

(818) 889-5130