RockPlates By Till Guitars

RockPlates are Handmade Guitar Shaped Gift Items for Homes, Studios and Home Studios.

Single Decora Style Switch Plates

I make these things right here in my shop with practically the same woods and tools as my real guitars. Kids love 'em, they look great in studios, practice rooms, bedrooms... wherever there are light switches.

Single Toggle Switches

The single switch plates are big enough to cover the footprint of most regular plastic covers, so you won't see the old paint marks.

Double and Triple Gang

Having tired of hearing people say, "Gee, if only you made them for double or triple switches, I'd buy two!", I recently started making them for double and triple toggle and decora switches... and any combination thereof.

My long time hesitance was based on the fact that I could almost make a real instrument for the amount of wood they take. And they take about as much work!