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Normally, I will design the guitar body first, then work on the headstock shape. But not in this case. I wanted to design the body around the headstock that I used on the "Flying J" double-neck - with its 6-inline tuner layout.


The 521 will support any scale length. And, its the first of my designs that will support 25 frets with ease. It will squinch the pickups closer together, but the access is definitely there. 

And I've already made 2 and 3 pickup versions, so pickup configuration is unlimited. And, of course, switching options are unlimited, too. The control cavity is big enough to accommodate all sorts of additional gadgetry. How about a piezo bridge?

I doubt a Bigsby will fit, but I'd like to try a Floyd Rose someday.

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TG-521 no.1

This is the prototype of the TG-521 with a 24 3/4 inch bolt-on neck. 

It plays like butter!