TG-250 "Lady on the Beach"


So, one day I'm in my neighbor's shop and I see a postcard of a painting of a woman sitting on a beach, looking out at the waves as the sun sets.


After a few years of building the 24 3/4 inch TG-100 exclusively, I wanted my second model to have a 25 1/2 inch scale to cover the other 90% of electric guitar players. 

The added string tension led me to experiment with different neck and headstock angles, as well as different bridges. 


The TG-250 has a more positive balance than the TG-100. That has allowed me to build both longer and shorter versions. It simply flies with a 24 3/4 inch scale, and I've made a few 27 1/2 inch baritone versions, too. 

I don't hesitate to take mine (no.158) to rock, blues or country gigs. And if I could play jazz, I'd probably take it with me, too.