Shorty Joe

Shorty Joe was designed around a lightning fast 23 1/4 inch scale, which would make this a 3/4  size guitar.

It's been awhile since big manufacturers have put much effort into building their "student models". Some are practically unplayable. 

But early Duo Sonics and Les Paul Jrs. were a total joy to play - and well made. 

Who's it For?

I'm still wrestling with that answer. 

There's a knack to playing short scale guitars. Because the strings are shorter, less tension is required to bring them up to pitch. So, they're looser and more prone to being pulled/bent out of tune.

But, if you adjust your touch, you can use those things for some very expressive playing. Vibrato is exaggerated, you can bend strings a mile.

I've noticed that I reach for notes on Shorty Joe that I wouldn't normally stretch for on a full size guitar. But, when I get back on full size, I make the stretch.

See The Shorty Joe Bass

Handmade to Boot.

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Shorty Joe's Blues

Here's a home recording featuring Shorty Joe no.1 and Shorty Joe Bass no.1. Play along... it's in G.