Wood Bezels and Plates

Image I've made my own pickup bezels and control covers for my guitars since day one (1996). An idea born of necessity because I didn't want to drive all the way into town or wait the week for two little pieces of plastic to arrive by mail.
Of course, I also remembered that Paul Bigsby made wood bezels for his first solid body electric guitars back in 1948. Good enough for me!

I have a neat, old Stanley overarm pinrouter that is perfect for little things like these. Actually, you'd be surprised by how many tools are involved in the making of a bezel: Table saw to width, radial arm saw to length, router the inside, bandsaw the outside, then router the outside, drill press for the screw holes, then thickness sanding/beveling before finish sanding. Then hand sanding. Then more hand sanding...Image
I try to make as many pieces at a time as I can because the setup is pretty intense. I could probably make about a hundred pieces in one day if I set my mind to it - and I had enough highly figured woods. In any case, I usually make more than I need, so I'd like to offer the surplus to any luthiers out there who might want to dress up their guitars. Just send me an email to start the discussion. I'd even be glad to make pieces out of the wood you send me.

Mind you, these are not stamped out by a computerized robot like every other wooden bezel I've seen on the market. I have no use for those things. My satisfaction comes from the effort involved in making them. I make humbucker bezels, singlecoil bezels for Strat or Tele neck sized pickups, Tele control plates... I even made a square jack plate out of ebony when I had to have a guitar at a show before a metal one could arrive. It turned out so nice that I made more.
Just let me know what you need and I'll see if I either have one or can make one custom.Image