Model TG-250 "Lady on the Beach"

Bubbling With Goodness!

The Till Guitars model TG-250 "Lady on the Beach" was inspired by a postcard of a picture of a painting of a woman sitting on a beach watching the sun set over the water.
That's my story. I think that scene of the Beatles playing "And I Love Her" in "Help!" might also have played a part.
This is my second original design and it's a real joy to play.

Coolest Guitar in the Room

My first design - the TG-100, was built around the ultra-fast 24 3/4 inch Gibson scale, so I wanted my next model to feature the equally familiar 25 1/2 inch Fender scale to round out the collection. There's a lot to be said for the longer scale. I think the main thing is that it takes more tension on the strings to get them up to pitch than with a shorter scale. That means more energy going through these beautiful tonewoods. Sometimes you can feel the resonance up through your elbows and beyond.
Mucho Twango!

Creature Comforts

I have a few videos of this model in action here on the Joe Till Guitars video channel on Youtube.

I cut my teeth playing 9 to 1:30am club dates. I know all about comfort and it's lack thereof. I like a guitar that drapes over my shoulders and let's me rest my arms as naturally as possible while I play the night away. I angle the neck and contour the body (Belly Relief) so you don't have to reach so far for the open chords. It's almost like the guitar wraps around you - instead of playing a straight 2 X 4.

#152 Recycled Birdseye Maple Cap

These construction details all add up to more tone, too. Which means that you to can squeeze more out of every note you play.

The TG-250 is so well balanced that I offer it with practically any scale. It absolutely rips with a 24 3/4 incher.

This model also adapts to all bridge and pickup configurations. Whammies have lower profiles than Tune-o-matics, so the neck angle has to change. But I still give it a good 1 1/2 degrees.

Sing/Sing/Sing Quack Quack Quack

When we get down to designing your dream guitar, we'll cover all of these sorts of things in detail. One option can have a big impact on other features. But I can see any trouble before we get too far along.

To be clear, this model is available with any scale, any pickup configuration, any wiring scheme, any available wood and with your choice of hardware. Once we develop a working relationship, I may be open to ideas like added strings, fanned frets and other novelties, but let's go with my strengths first.

Sorry, other guys
Angled Headstock with Maple Fretboard

Ladies on the Beach