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These things don't grow on trees!

If your only access to guitars is through guitar stores, then there's a very good chance that you've never seen a truly handmade guitar before.
I define the term "hand-made" as being made without the use of computerized or automated machinery. You know, like they used to make 'em. I don't go so far as to disallow the use power tools - as long as the tool operator is in control of either the tool or the wood going through it.

Got me under Pressure!

In other words, feeding a block of wood into the mouth of a robot and getting a nearly completed guitar out the other end is not what I'd call handmade.Yet, that's often the word I see digitally engraved across their headstocks.

So, indeed, it is rare to find an item such as mine in this day and age. Handmade from start to finish... in America, no less. Some of the reasons for that touch on the political, some are rooted in greed and the pursuit of "easy money". The result is monotony dressed up as a choice between six exciting colors at prices you can't beat.

Me? I just love seeing how nice of a guitar I can make. That's all. Then I try to sell it so I can make another one.

Now, I don't make any claims of perfection. Perfection is an elusive goal that I'll forever be in pursuit of. All I can do is my best. A keen eye can find evidence of my hand on any of my 200 plus guitars, so far. Shit, it turns out, does happen. A bug foot here, a sanding mark there...
My only claim is that I can play every kind of music I know how to play on every guitar that I offer to sell. And I think that players of all levels - from professional to beginner will be able to do the same. I like to think I'm selling inspiration.
Ho Ho Joe

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