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Introducing my newest twist... TG-100 Setneck P-90/24.

This guitar breaks into two uncharted territories for me. FIrst, this is my first guitar to sport P-90 singlecoil pickups. In this case they're a pair of custom wound Seymour Duncan Vintage P-90 Soapbars with cream covers. Just as advertized, they're sweet and smooth.

And because the P-90 doesn't use a pickup bezel I was able to squeeze a couple of extra frets here for a full 4 octaves. During the setup for this guitar I really learned to appreciate a 24 fret neck. You can really put an exclamation point on a lot of lead runs with that high E.

The woods here are a beautifully curled piece of Myrtlewood on a semi-hollow Cherrywood body. The glued-in setneck has 3 curly rock maple and two cherrywood bands. All covered by a very even piece of Indian rosewood with abalone fret markers.

Through the many Vintage Guitar Shows I set up at I've met a lot of players who are very loyal to the P-90. There is something magical about them through a vintage amp. I christened this one through a '60 Deluxe and now I'm a believer. I expect to do quite a lot of tinkering with P-90s from now on.

For questions about this or any of my guitars please call or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to me.

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