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The Swamp Thing

Meet the Swamp Thing.

You see this guitar elsewhere on my site. It's an example of 'repurposing' materials. It entered my life as a rickety old bookcase at a thrift store from the Mission San Buena Ventura School District. I bet it was from the forties or earlier. It was plain as can be in structure. But the wood was 100% birdseye maple. Old stuff. Wide, too. Tons of huge birdesyes. Wide enough to bookmatch into guitar caps. Several of them.


I'm supposed to forevermore credit my neighbor Dave C. for this guitar's name. His first words when he walked into my shop the day I was dying it were "What's that Swampy lookin' thang?"

Thanks, Dave.

Even leaving!

This is one of my last bolt on neck guitars. Well, maybe not last. But it's one of fewer and fewer. But, as I play this guitar, I wonder what all the fuss is about setnecks. This guitar meets all of my guitar needs. I'd play it more but I want to get top dollar for it.

Besides this incredible birdseye cap, there are a few other things adding profoundly to the tone of this guitar. Mainly, the Madagascar Rosewood (also old stuff) fretboard. I know little about it except that it's like no other rosewood I've ever worked. It's real hard, uniformly dark brown. But it's got this kind of mojo. That's all I can say.
I also switched it a bit differently than usual. I added a 5 position switch with two tapped positions instead of mini toggles.

The Swamp Thing has been sold to one of my best clients who was kind enough to post this entertaining and informative video on Youtube. I don't think I can ever duplicate this color exactly. But I'd be glad to try. just write to me here to get me started. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it 1-818-889-5130



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