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At long last, I completed my first baritone guitar in 2014. Why I waited so long I'll never know because it is so much fun to play. Actually, I may not know why I waited, but I do know why I started this one. You see, I must've put the drilling template for the bridge holes on the wrong mark and, well... the first Bari-Till was born.

That boo-boo prompted me to learn how to accurately measure out and notch a fretboard slotting template to the 10,000th of an inch. For this particular piece, I went with a 27 1/2 inch scale, which is on the short end for a baritone, because any longer would have made the guitar top heavy. But, while I was at it, I made a 28 5/8" template, too. Both scales are available on custom orders. I'd be comfortable going up to 30 inches, for that matter.

The added length and fatter strings combine for a powerful tone. At first I had light strings on it and only tuned it down to D-standard where it played fine and without too much tension on the neck. But when the baritone set of strings arrived (.016 to .060, I think) I dropped it down to B natural. Whooo-weee! All of a sudden I developed a slow drawl. All I could say was "Yup".

No. 1 is actually no. 127. That's because I number the bodies before I make the necks. This body goes back a few years, the neck is new.


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