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TG-250 "Texas Special"

I must admit that something very magical happens when you stick three singlecoil pickups under six guitar strings. That quack is enough to keep me entertained for hours on end. One memory leads to another and you just keep digging up these bitchen riffs that were born on the Strat - a registered trade mark of Fender Musical Instruments. Amen.

This guitar gives you all of those sweet, warm tones and a whole lot more. It's loaded up with Duncan Vintage Strat singlecoils and an SH-4 "JB" in the bridge with a push/pull tapping switch for single coil action. All the bases are covered: Jangly twang to full throated roar.
Though you'll find all of the usual tones associated with this pickup configuration, certain construction details like a semi-hollow body, angled necks and higher grade woods will add a new dimension to the same old - same old.



Number 1013 from Behind

The tune-0-matic bridge and stop tailpiece let you bend to the high heavens without losing intonation or going out of tune. Something you'll really appreciate if you like to pluck two notes at a time and only bend one.


This guitar has been sold. But I've always got a SSH going. As always, I encourage you to write directly to me for a current list of available guitars.


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