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RockPlates by Till Guitars

Koacasters. Matched Koa RockPlates

RockPlates are my way of adapting to the current economy. My way of keeping my saws turning while the world is on unpaid vacation. Much to my surprise, they're really catching on!
Actually, I'm not all that surprised. I put a lot of effort into these. They may be small and look "stamped out", but each RockPlate goes through no fewer than 12 separate woodworking stages. Back and forth between the table saw, bandsaw, routers and drill presses. And that's before hand sanding and finishing. I sand each piece down to 220 or finer before applying dyes and lacquer.
All in all, the whole process is remarkably similar to my actual guitar building process.
LP Shape With Cherryburst Finish. Classic!

RockPlates will be a great training ground for any shop apprentices I take on in the future. I've learned a lot from this venture myself. I've become somewhat of an expert on jig making. Each new model and function requires a whole set of hold-down devices and such.
And, because I make so many of them, I get to experiment with new finishing techniques,
Hot Pink!


You can order RockPlates at JoeTill.Etsy.com. Etsy.com is a fun website where artists and craftsmen can sell their own handmade items.

If you'd prefer to pay by means other than Paypal, write to me directly This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . I'm sure we can work something out.

'Midnite Blues' Toggle RockPlate


Custom Orders

Bring 'em on!
There's no reason I can't be your custom guitar and light switchplate maker. You can choose the woods, shapes, functions and color. Just write to me here at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it with any idea you might have,
I can even supply you with unfinished pieces for you to match with your own woodwork.

A Rainbow of Tillys!



I promise that you'll be completely happy with your RockPlate, whether it's a light switchplate, coaster or picture frame.
I will refund your purchase price plus shipping costs if you return yourRockPlate in it's original condition to me within seven days of receiving it.
Original packaging is not required.



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