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Me and #158 (photo by Steve Ridnor)

Till Guitars are individually made and individually priced. Generally speaking though, "new" full-size guitars start at about $2500. My new "Shorty Joe" model was designed to be less expensive - starting at about $1200, but hardware and wood choices can drive the price up from there.

I'm serious when I say my guitars are "Handmade". A TG-250 model with f-holes and a setneck will take me between 75 and a hundred hours to build, which equals about two weeks of shop time - spread out over a few months. And a decent hardware package will cost about $500. Simple math will give you an idea of my take (minus utilities, taxes. tool maintanence, advertising, etc.). Please don't think I'm rakin' you over the coals - like the CNC guys do.

Till Guitars are available directly from me... shop direct. I do not have any retail dealers because... where to start... for one, I never want to see how cheaply I can make a guitar. Nor do I want to know how many I can build before lunch.

Stripes are Slimming!

See my Private Stock Guitars Here

My "Private Stock" guitars are usually built at a more leisurely pace than my "custom" orders, sometimes taking years to complete. They often feature more fun and experimental woodworking ideas then my custom orders because I'm not under any sort of time pressure.
Private stock guitars also get the added benefit of me tinkering with them until they're nicely dialed in. There are still some options available to you even after they're completed, though... like hardware brands and color, pickups, switching schemes... to name a few. You usually just have to pay for the difference in my cost for these sorts of things.

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The very best deals are reserved for those who venture into my shop in Westlake Village, Ca. I have things up in the rafters that might be just what you're after. Demos, prototypes... and guitars I just haven't gotten around to completing. I might even be able to help you with your own projects. Please remember to visit me when you're in Southern California.
Australian Lacewood Cap

Custom Orders


Now, don't get me wrong. I welcome Custom Guitar orders. I'm always up for someone elses good ideas. You can provide me with your dream list of features - the more detailed, the better. Then I can give you a good idea of the cost and we can go on from there.
I can build a lot of guitar for as little as $2,500. That would include your choice of many species of cap woods with varying degrees of figure.
Glued in Setnecks will add a few hundred dollars. Whammies are more. Everything is more, but I don't get all nit-picky. Just know that the real premium woods are quite pricey. You're welcome to provide your own lumber, as well.

One thing to note is that the supply chain has been shaken up since the horrible earthquake off the coast of Japan. Many of the better guitar parts factories were located in the worst hit areas and I'm not sure they're back up to speed, yet. "Back-orders" are the rule these days.

Things To Consider Before Ordering Your Custom Till Guitar: (click "next")

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